Protein Powder Muffin Recipe

February 24, 2013 Blog


Protein muffins

I always wanted to make me some delicious muffin bread and decided to try it out 2 days ago.Not everything was available to me for making it so i did make it with what i had in house.
I will call this my muffin bread recipe because i had no bread pan to cut it out like bread and such so i took out my muffin mold.

The muffins really turned out beyond my expectations and made a batch of 12 that night.That same night i ate 3 and the morning after 5, the other 4 i gave to my romate andshe liked it very much.
I decided to eat mine with peanut butter and the texture and everything came together very nicely and it is very tasty trust me .

10 egg whites
2 cups of flax-meal
1 scoop of gold standard whey
1 tablespoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2 tablespoon of cocoa
1 packet of  splenda

Ingredients Protein Muffin Bread

start preheating the oven 450 degrees
The put all your dry ingredients in a bowl
Mix your dry ingredients
now put the egg whites in.

Mixed ingredients protein muffin bread

now start beating until you get a mixture like the picture below

Texture mix protein powder muffin bread

Now take your muffin mold and pam the mold
Pour the mixture inside the mold like so

Pour Mixture in protein muffin mold

You do not have to do this but i pinched a small amount of oatmeal on top of the mixture that i poured in the mold

Pinch smallamount of oatmeal

You can now put your mold in the oven and leave it for 25 minutes at 450 degrees

This is how it looked like with peanut butter spread

Peanut butter protein muffin

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